What if You Could Master Data Cleaning and Transformation to Completely Automate Business Intelligence and Reporting?

Power Query is the most important data analysis tool since PivotTables

It allows you to clean, reshape, and combine your data with ease, no matter where it comes from.

And it comes FREE with the Excel and Power BI software that you already own.

Learning to use Power Query means less time spent manipulating data and more time analyzing it to gain powerful insights and make better decisions

Until now, building BI solutions has been a painful, repetitive process requiring a great deal of manual effort to clean, filter, and format data before it can even be used.

And updates have been tedious and error prone.

Power Query will save you hours of time gathering and preparing your data before loading it into your data model.

Want to Master Power Query to Improve Business and Your Career?

We are Miguel Escobar and Ken Puls, two of the world’s leading experts on Power Query and the partners behind Power Query Training.

Our best-selling book, M Is For (Data) Monkey, has become one of the top-rated resources for going from a Power Query beginner to expert.

Out of the book we developed our popular live online workshops, where we introduced hundreds of data wranglers like yourself to the magic of Power Query. 

But demand grew, and people told us they wanted more. 

They wanted to go farther, focus deeper on certain concepts, and be able learn at their own pace. 

We listened and created a step-by-step program that will change the way you "Get & Transform" data forever.

Introducing Power Query Academy

We'll walk you through the ENTIRE process of using Power Query to Extract, Transform, and Load your data in Excel and Power BI.

This course is created from a practical point of view, showcasing real-world examples and techniques that you can use right away.

You'll learn the exact steps, formulas, and tricks from world-class experts that you can use to save hours of time. And the skills you learn here are can be used in both Excel and Power BI.

Finally, you can master your data instead of having it master you!

What You Get

With nearly 15 hours of our top-quality content, you'll learn everything you need to master Power Query from this on-demand video course. 

Your subscription to Power Query Academy includes:

12 months of access to over 85 bite-sized videos

Downloadable example files, 6 practice labs and access to our sample database

12 months of support from expert trainers on the course materials

Digital copies of M is for Data Monkey (2nd Ed.) and our Power Query Recipes

Modules and Course Breakdown

  • 0
    • Video 1: Welcome to Power Query Academy!
    • Video 2: What is Power Query?
    • Video 3: Versions of Power Query
    • Video 4: Our Suggested Learning Path
    • Module 0 Handout (PDF Download)
    • 'M is for Data Monkey' eBook [1st Edition] (Multiple Formats Download)
    • Power Query Recipes v1908 - released August 2019 (PDF Download)
    • Module 0 Quiz
  • 1
    Importing Basic Data
    • Module 1 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 1 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Connecting to Delimited Flat Files (*.csv, *.txt)
    • Video 2: Connecting to Data in Excel Workbooks
    • Video 3: Connecting to Data in the Current Excel Workbook
    • Video 4: Connecting to Non-Delimited Flat Files (*.txt, *.prn)
    • Module 1 Quiz
  • 2
    Query Settings
    • Module 2 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 2 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Step Settings
    • Video 2: Choosing Query Load Destinations
    • Video 3: Query Error Auditing
    • Video 4: The Importance of Defining Data Types
    • Module 2 Quiz
  • 3
    Simple Transformation Techniques
    • Module 3 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 3 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Unpivoting Columns
    • Video 2: Pivoting Columns
    • Video 3: Split Columns into Other Columns
    • Video 4: Split Columns into Rows
    • Video 5: Filtering Data
    • Video 6: Sorting Data
    • Video 7:Transforming and Adding Columns Based on Existing Columns
    • Module 3 Quiz
  • 4
    Appending Data
    • Module 4 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 4 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Appending Tables Individually
    • Video 2: Appending Tables in the Current Workbook
    • Video 3: Appending Worksheets in an External Workbook
    • Video 4: Combine All Flat Files in a Folder
    • Video 5: Combine a Named Worksheet from Multiple Workbooks
    • Video 6: Combine All Worksheets in Multiple Workbooks
    • Module 4 Quiz
  • 5
    Merging Data
    • Module 5 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 5 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Merging Basics
    • Video 2: Join Types
    • Video 3: Cartesian Products
    • Video 4: Approximate Match
    • Video 5: Fuzzy Matching Basics
    • Video 6: Fuzzy Matching in Data Quality
    • Module 5 Quiz
  • 6
    Web Based Data Sources
    • Module 6 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 6 Handouts (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Webpage with Table Tags
    • Video 2: Files Publicly Hosted on the Web
    • Video 3: Reading HTML Document
    • Video 4: Basic Web Scraping
    • Video 5: Advanced Web Scraping
    • Module 6 Quiz
  • 7
    Miscellaneous Data Sources
    • Module 7 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 7 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Getting Data from Exchange
    • Video 2: SharePoint Data - Introduction
    • Video 3: SharePoint Data - Lists
    • Video 4: SharePoint Data - All Files from Site
    • Video 5: SharePoint Data - the From Folder Experience
    • Video 6: Connecting to a JSON File
    • Video 7: Connecting to a PDF File
    • Module 7 Quiz
  • 8
    Data from Relational Sources
    • Module 8 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 8 Handout (PDF Download)
    • SQL Azure Database Credentials and Information
    • Video 1: Connecting to an Access Database
    • Video 2: Connecting to a SQL Database
    • Video 3: Connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services
    • Video 4: Credentials and Privacy Settings on Data Sources
    • Video 5: Direct Connectivity in Power BI Desktop
    • Module 8 Quiz
  • 9
    Reshaping Tabular Data
    • Module 9 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 9 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Grouping and Summarizing Data
    • Video 2: Pivoting Stacked Data
    • Video 3: Unpivot Subcategorized Data
    • Video 4: Pivoting Vertical Pairs
    • Video 5: Pivoting Horizontal Pairs
    • Module 9 Quiz
  • 10
    Managing Queries
    • Module 10 Sample Files (ZIP Download)
    • Module 10 Handout (PDF Download)
    • Video 1: Automating Refresh in Excel
    • Video 2: Sharing Queries
    • Video 3: Query Organization
    • Module 10 Quiz
  • 11